Technology Consulting

Tech is always evolving. And we are too.

New trends rise and fall while hundreds of competing priorities pull technology teams in different directions. Tonic is here to help. We specialize in making digital solutions better, and making our client's lives easier in the process.

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The best solutions start by asking the right questions.

Tonic helps executives look at the big picture, while diving into the details of complex technical ecosystems. With a cross-disciplinary approach to digital solutions, we provide scalable, maintainable, and secure solutions to solve your product’s pain points and boost your return on investment.

We have big agency talent with small agency service, trusted by enterprise clients with platforms that reach around the world.

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Improve technology across your ecosystem.

Tonic can help you streamline digital experiences for your users, across your organization.

Digital Transformation

Bring innovation to your product by elevating both your user experience and back-end functionality.

App Modernization

Tonic is here to take your legacy application into the modern age with streamlined systems and digital experiences.


Create efficiencies and save costs with application automation. Reduce error rates and administrative time spent by creating seamless processes.

Enterprise Systems

Unify high availability, big data, and complex systems. Security, scalability, and intelligent system integrations.

Solving today's business needs and building tomorrow's opportunities. Tonic can help modernize, optimize, and scale your technical ecosystem for the future.

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Our Areas of Expertise


Experience Strategy

UX Design

Integrated Systems




Meet users where they are with development across platforms, devices, and channels.


Build and improve mobile app experiences across devices.


Management and delivery of web applications and platforms.


Optimize TV platforms, streaming services, and more.

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