Great code matters. It’s the invisible force driving performance, security, and scalability.

Tonic’s in-house development team is passionate about getting the code right. We’re a team of web and mobile development experts who are here to deliver clean, modern, functional code, for our clients — every time.

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Modern code,
secure and scalable architecture.

The right architecture can make or break the success of your technology platform or digital product. Our in-house development team builds products in modern technologies with solid foundations that are designed to scale with the needs of your organization. Whether you are building from scratch or modernizing an existing application, we can ensure the job gets done right the first time.

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What can we help you develop?

Digital products and ecosystems that perform and scale reliably. That leverage the right technologies at the right time to drive business performance and create compelling user experiences.

Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms can offer scalability, testability, reliablity, increased security, and cost savings for your business.

Web & Mobile Apps

Beautifully crafted custom web and mobile app solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your business.

Custom Software

Bespoke software solutions created from the ground up for the specific needs of your organization.


Build on a smart foundation of data architecture and service efficiency by leveraging Tonic’s API development expertise.

Artificial Intelligence

Instrument AI into your applications for amazing results. Machine Learning, Large Language Models, Computer Vision, ChatGPT, and more.


Custom tailored solutions for integrating and managing your enterprise data, ensuring seamless and secure data handoff.

With a large in-house development team, we specialize in multiple modern frameworks and languages. This allows us to select the right technology for the job at hand.

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Our Areas of Expertise




Ruby on Rails


Enterprise Systems

Coverage Across Multiple Platforms

Meet users where they are with development across platforms, devices, and channels.


Build and improve mobile app experiences across devices.


Management and delivery of web applications and platforms.


Optimize TV platforms, streaming services, and more.

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