Delight your customers while connecting to your bottom line.

Increase the performance of your digital investments with expert design services from Tonic. Our designers can help bring a thoughtful and seamless design experience to the forefront of your digital products.

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An elevated digital experience for your customers and employees.

One of the best ways to improve business outcomes is to invest in impactful and delightful user experience.

Tonic’s designers are collaborative, communicative, and data-driven. They transform complex problems, flows, or datasets to digestible visual representations of what your product needs to deliver, and what your users want.

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What do we design?

Digital products that matter. That move needles. That people use because they don't have to think. That change the bottom line of companies and the daily lives of the people who use them.

UX Audits

Understand how your users actually use your products. Compare your experience to competitors and learn best practices.

Experience Design

Optimize user workflow and drive outcomes with smart and intuitive experiences. Measured with the latest analysis and analytics tooling.

Interface Design

Create enjoyable and memorable digital encounters by making sure every interface and interaction is visually compelling for the user.

Omnichannel Experience

Drive impact with a consistent experience across your business channels and platforms. Remove confusion and drive growth.

Web & Mobile Apps

Drive an optimized user journey combined with a wonderful visual presentation. Custom designs that define a best-in-class app experience.

Data Visualization

Making data easier to understand and react to with data presentation that brings impact, ROI, and action to the top of the stack.

“Ignoring user flow could affect your bottom line. A well-designed user interface can increase conversion rates by 200% and a better UX design by up to 400% …” -Forrester Research

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Our Areas of Expertise

User Research & Testing



High Fidelity Designs

Interaction Design


Coverage Across Multiple Platforms

Meet users where they are with development across platforms, devices, and channels.


Build and improve mobile app experiences across devices.


Management and delivery of web applications and platforms.


Optimize TV platforms, streaming services, and more.

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