Mobile Application Development

Tonic specializes in building mobile applications that make lasting impressions.

At Tonic, our mobile team builds highly performant and scalable applications that people love to use. With experience in high availability mobile applications, scalability, security, video streaming, AR, IoT, and design, Tonic is here to help — whether you are looking to build a new product from the ground up, or looking to reenergize the performance of stale code. From concept to launch, our team knows how to create and execute dynamic features on all mobile devices.

Tonic can work with you to outline your mobile product’s roadmap and goals. We understand the development of a dazzling product relies on both efficiently written code and the beautiful design it translates into.

Whether you are launching your mobile app’s newest installment, or trying to augment reality itself, Tonic specializes in creating lasting impressions with your customers.

Mobile development for the modern age

Tonic helps companies build scalable, beautiful apps that excel at meeting their business goals. Tonic stays up to date on the latest technologies and mobile trends, and is here to make an impact for your business.


  • Video Streaming
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine learning / CoreML
  • iOS
  • Swift / SwiftUI / Objective-C
  • Android
  • Video Streaming
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine learning / CoreML
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At Tonic, we staff impact makers. Our team excels at enhancing the internal processes and communications needed to create beautiful and adaptable experiences in the mobile space.
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